Adventure Therapy as Addiction Treatment

One of the most prevalent addiction treatment programs gaining popularity in recent years is adventure therapy. According to alcoholic help NZ, it can be very beneficial for patients suffering from drug and alcohol abuse because it allows them to deal with their problems effectively. Numerous studies have proved that therapy helps people overcome mental disorders, addiction, physical illness, social anxiety, and depression. It is also an effective method of dealing with stress. Meth addiction treatment is critical in assisting people who are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

This therapy covers a wide range of activities that involve adventure sports like mountain climbing, diving, or parachuting on top of the world’s highest peaks to help addicts overcome their addiction challenges. These adventurous tasks are done either alone or in a group.

Who can benefit from adventure therapy?

This therapy can be very beneficial for anyone who is physically fit. It can be particularly beneficial for patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction because it helps them overcome their physical disabilities, pain, and depression. The therapy is also very effective in reducing stress levels by providing addicts with an opportunity to gain personal satisfaction through conquering their fears.

The therapy also makes patients realize that there are more things to live for than just thinking about the next high. They can either explore with other addicts or their family and friends to share experiences.

Activities during adventure therapy treatment

There are a lot of activities that addicts can do during this therapy program. Here is a list of some of them:

– Climbing trees and rocks

– Diving from bridges or cliffs

– Rappelling on mountains with steep gradients

– Bungee jumping

– Swimming with sharks and other dangerous fish species

– Canoeing/kayaking in fast-moving waters

While the above activities may sound scary but addicts can benefit from participating in such adventurous tasks. Moreover, it can be a very effective method of dealing with stress.

Benefits of Adventure therapy

This therapy can be very beneficial for addicts. It enables them to engage in fun-filled and energy-intensive activities while on the adventure. It also provides patients with a sense of personal satisfaction through conquering their fears. Thus it helps reduce stress levels. Another significant benefit of this therapy is that it helps people gain physical strength by overcoming addiction.

Difference between adventure and other therapies

Adventure therapy is different from other therapies because it aims to help addicts understand more things in life than just drugs. This type of treatment program also allows people to interact with others which can benefit those who suffer from drug addiction.
Where can I find adventure therapists?
If you are looking for adventure therapists, you can search the internet or check out your local journals. You will be surprised to see that there are a lot of people offering this type of therapy.

How much does it cost?

The cost of participating in an adventure therapy program depends on location and duration. If you live in an urban area, you can expect to pay around $100 for a four-day session. If you live in the suburbs or rural areas, this cost will be less than $100.